What does that mean? When we began CinePros in the fall of 2017, we adopted this phrase as our tagline. 

We’ve spent the last several years bringing our story ideas to life, visually, as short films that we screened at local film festivals, and in the process of doing so, we began helping others do the same thing. This became our passion, our drive, bringing others’ stories to life. We realize there are millions of stories to tell, and while we can’t even come close to telling them all, we want to start with YOU.

YOU are the reason we are here.

Some of you are musicians, pouring your hearts out in song.  You have a story to tell your listeners. Let us help you share that song in a beautiful music video.

Some of you are business owners who want to reach their audience. You have a story to tell your customers. Let us help you craft that story into short, cinematic videos that deliver just what your clients want.

What about you who are storytellers, writers, or even filmmakers like us? You have stories to tell, too, but may lack the knowledge and/or equipment and crew to make that film. We’re here to help you create that film on a great budget.

Regardless who YOU are, we are dedicated to give you the BEST.  Give us a call, or send us a message. We’ll meet you wherever you are, pull up a chair and listen to your story.


Your friends at CinePros (Alex, RJ, Josh, and Jennifer)


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Our Team


Alex M Gibson



RJ Ortiz

director of photography


Jennifer R Gibson

key mua/hairstylist


Josh Parker

sound engineer